One of the more important books of our time...
-Kenneth Murray
Co-Founder of Simunition
Author of Training at the Speed of Life

Building Shooters
Applying Neuroscience Research to Tactical Training System Design and Training Delivery
192 Pages, Softcover

Building Shooters is not just another book about firearms training; it applies the principles of cutting-edge brain science directly to the challenges facing today’s law enforcement officers, police trainers, military and others who require clinical tactical skills in environments that demand expert level decision-making.

"Improvements in our firearms program are measurable...essential reading."

-Art Aplan
Advanced Training Coordinator
Division of Criminal Investigation, South Dakota

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A must read...You won't be disappointed.

- The Tactical Wire
"Good Reads" Book Review

Mentoring Shooters
The Gun Owner's Guide to Building a Firearms Culture of Safety and Personal Responsibility
262 Pages, Soft Cover

Mentoring Shooters demonstrates how experienced gun owners can effectively pass their knowledge and skill on to others, using the neuroscience-based training methods explained in Building Shooters. This conversational and easy-to-read book includes detailed information on firearms safety, the principles of learning, teaching firearms skills, a sample curriculum, and more. It will take any gun owner’s mentoring skills to the next level.

"...expertly furnishes a wealth of lessons."

- Kirkus Reviews

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