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Meet our Partners

“For the last five decades, first in the military, then in LE, and now in the CCW environment I feel like “training” has been mostly just familiarization. If we were lucky there was a walk-through exercise. So little of the realities were truly understood. There were a few exceptions but not many. I was lucky and survived. I know several who did not. As I study more writing like yours I am beginning to understand the problem…”

-William Hayes, Axiom Training, Summerville, SC

Dustin Salomon, CPP

Dustin is a former naval officer who specializes in security, protection, and training development. Between the military and the private sector, he has conducted 20 overseas deployments, was a founding member and the Director of Training for Sealed Mindset, and is a member of the  SMEAC Consulting Group. Dustin is a NRA certified law enforcement firearms instructor in multiple disciplines and designed the weapons training programs at multiple military commands. He has a Bachelor’s of Science from the U.S. Naval Academy, a Master’s Degree in Security Management, a Master Certificate in Government Contract Management, and is an ASIS Certified Protection Professional. He is the author of the books Building Shooters and Mentoring Shooters .

Richard Salomon, PMP

Rick is a retired FBI Agent with 26 years of service who specializes in investigations, crime prevention, and program management. Rick’s professional background is in contract negotiations, white collar crime investigations and counterterrorism finance operations. He is a NRA certified law enforcement firearms instructor, was a FBI SWAT Team member for 16 years, holds a 6th Degree Black Belt in USA Goju, and was a principal FBI Defensive Tactics Instructor for over 15 years. Rick also has a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Kenyon College, a Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice from Columbia Southern University, a Master’s Degree in National Security Strategy from the National War College and is a PMI certified Project Management Professional.