“One of the more important books of our time…”

Kenneth Murray
Co-Founder of SIMUNITION

Building Shooters
Applying Neuroscience Research to Tactical Training System Design and Training Delivery
192 Pages, Softcover

Building Shooters is not just another book about firearms training; it applies the principles of cutting-edge brain science directly to the challenges facing today’s law enforcement officers, police trainers, military and others who require clinical tactical skills in environments that demand expert level decision-making.

"Improvement in our firearms program are measurable...essential reading."

-Art Aplan
Advanced Training Coordinator
Division of Criminal Investigation, South Dakota
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"Simple, concise, and fresh material on a subject that desperately needed an overhaul..."

Michael Seeklander
Former Senior Instructor for the U.S. Air Marshalls
Author of The Art of Instruction

Mentoring Shooters
The Gun Owner's Guide to Building a Firearms Culture of Safety and Personal Responsibility
262 Pages, Soft Cover
Mentoring Shooters is the gun owner’s guide to building a firearms culture based on safety and personal responsibility. This conversational and easy-to-read book includes detailed information on firearms safety, the principles of learning, teaching firearms skills, a sample curriculum, and more. It will take any gun owner’s mentoring skills to the next level.

"...expertly furnishes a wealth of lessons."

-Kirkus Reviews

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